Educational support for rural children

By Brahmi Educational and Cultural Trust, Bengaluru (Bangalore), Karnataka

Project Brief

Majority of rural children are unable to get quality education, especially girls. They are worst affected, as parents find it more easy to get them married off early. The project ensures that these disadvantaged children get to enjoy their childhood and get education up to 10th grade. The project has a unique education program combining formal education along with goodness of living practices based on rural life.

    Key Outcomes

    • 95% of identified out -of- school or never- gone to school children are mainstreamed in school
    • Increased Voluntary admission of children by parents in schools in schools
    • Absenteeism will not be more than 10%
    • 90 % of children after 10th standard move to higher studies
    • 100% of children are aware of career choices
    • 90% of children meet the prescribed health standards


  • Thematic Area:  Education
  • Project Location: 
    Karnataka, Bengaluru (Bangalore), India
  • Budget:  36,74,000
  • Beneficiaries: 325
  • Minimum Donation:  500