Low Cost Sanitary Napkins Manufacturing

By Raza Education and Welfare Society, Bengaluru (Bangalore), Karnataka

Project Brief

An item essential for basic hygiene, the sanitary napkin is unattainable for most women from low-income groups in India owing to high cost and lack of awareness. India has a share of 27% deaths in total deaths from Cervical cancer in the world for which one of the main causes is unhygienic conditions during menstruation. 23 percent school going girls become school drop-out and numerous women take leave from their work (labor, job) during menstruation.

    Key Outcomes

    • Improved health status of women in the community
    • Women and girls will have access to the basic sanitation products as sanitary napkin
    • Reduced death rate of women using unhygienic alternatives that can cause vaginal infection.
    • Women are skilled and employed.
    • Girls and women will live a better & Dignified life by using sanitary napkins pads during menstruation Days and the matter of school drop-outs will reduce


  • Thematic Area: Women Empowerment
  • Project Location: 
    Bengaluru (Bangalore), Karnataka, India
  • Budget:  19,14,802
  • Beneficiaries: 100
  • Minimum Donation:  500

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