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Welcome to SocioCSR

SocioCSR provides a customized, state-of-the art CSR and
Sustainability management software to measure, track and
report the activities and progress therewith.

It provides Evaluation and Impact Assessment of Social
and Environment Programs and Projects.

SocioCSR supports and facilitates two primary functions: -

Customized CSR & Sustainability Management Solution

Enables and empowers CSR and Sustainability Heads to track, manage and report on all their activities - including CSR and Sustainability Programs and Projects, the Impact achieved, Volunteering activities, CSR Budgets, Collaboration Requests, etc. The application also has an inbuilt Monitoring & Evaluation and Impact Assessment solution which enables the users to manage projects, track and report progress to various stakeholders of the organization and outside.

End-To-End CSR Consulting

We provide a suite of products focused on networking with a corporate charity software that empowers business users to measure and communicate impact and ROI of CSR, Sustainability and volunteering initiatives from the company.

We handhold our clients to manage the risks and focus on social and sustainability integration to create positive outcomes and gain a competitive business advantage from their corporate responsibility strategy.

We ensure to recommend the right tools and approach to help our clients deliver sustained business growth and profitablility while creating benefits to society and the planet.

Benefits of SocioCSR

Our strong consulting credentials provide the perfect bedrock to drive innovation in technology. We use our experience and expertise to develop solutions that integrate easily and bridge the gap between consulting and tech.

Our prowess in Consulting helps us approach CSR more strategically and deliver optimization.Our protocols help set timelines, monitor the projects better, and align to the brand value of the organization.

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