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Global Unity for
Human Equity

SL Foundation is a not for profit charitable organisation that is registered in the USA fundraising for projects in India. The Foundation is involved in a number of projects that are all aligned to the vison of building Global Unity for Human Equity.

SLF is closely associated with a global network of verified NGOs to work on a range of projects to bring about a societal change. 100% transparency and impact based reporting to donors through IBM Blockchain technology.

Active Projects


BharatWashEd is a school transformational program that aims to improve educational outcomes by increasing the enrolment rates and reducing dropout rates in government schools in India.

The project aims at providing and maintaining sustainable water, sanitation, and hygiene facilities along with basic school infrastructure.

The project takes a holistic approach by incorporating community-level participation and uses technology to monitor, track and report the progress at every stage of the project.

Target - 10,000 Schools
Missing Children

Focused on the important mission to reinstate missing children back to their families.

The program of missing children is designed to have links with all child related organisations and government homes across the states.

The program, tracks every home that generates the data of every unaccompanied child who is staying in the institutions and elsewhere.

Target - Find 10k Missing Children
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